About Us

Thank you for visiting our website. We are originally a manufacturer that carries a variety of accessories for gaming consoles such as PS3, Wii, Xbox, PSP and Nintendos and so on. We manufacture chargers, protective shields, carrying pouches and anything related to those gaming products. We have more than 20 years experience in this field with constant $20,000,000.00 annual sales on average.

Late of 2011, we took up a new brand to exclusively handle smart-phone products. And that is “SPEC-COMPUTER”. By considering this crowded market in Japan, we decided to be focused on reselling first, reselling an unique product only, and being the first to introduce it into Japan. This strategy has been proving us that our decision was right, with a great sales so far. Indeed, we carry relatively a small amount for now, but we have already acquired much publicity in Japan and the finance is always sound.  Before soon we will be stepping forward to the distribution phase.

We are currently focused on Apple’s products. The brands we represent are:

NewPotatoTech’s “Pinball Magic” and “JackPot Slots“,

iLovehandle’s “RockBand” and “RubberBand“,

BaseOneLab’s “impactband“,

Duratech’s “iCarpus“,

ALM’s “OWLE Bubo“,


Pinlo’s “Slice3” and “BLADEdge“,”UNITED Case“, “XyberPro2”

Studio Neat’s “The glif

Mockwell’s “Ewood

Trunket’s “TRUNKET

Wrapsol’s “wrapsol


TenOneDesign’s “Fling

TRTL BOT’s “TRTL STAND” and “Minimalist

Team Piolo’s “Piolo for iPhone 4

Kioky’s “iPhone4 Screen Protector”

Heckler Design’s “@Rest”

Hub International’s “HANDSTAND1 & 2”

Also we are on the talk with many famous brands from all over the globe to welcome to our lineup.
And we hope the next will be you.

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